Are you ready to invoke peace and spirit in your personal, family, business and legal needs?

Would you like to have a  spiritual attorney on call who can support and empower you with ANY issue?

What a concept!  A spiritual attorney!
     Many people have said that I'm unique in both spirit and values, one of a kind in the world of law. 

Let me introduce myself
     My name is Duane Light, and just as the name implies, I'm a lightworker who invokes prayer, meditation, and divine guidance in service to you.  I offer you a holistic, effective, and low-cost approach to help you uplift and resolve personal, family and business legal needs.  I've developed a revolutionary Spiritual/Legal service called "Light On The Law."

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Duane Light - Your spiritual friend in the law

  * Apply your highest values and Divine guidance

* Approach law with confidence and peace

* Make more effective decisions

* Save time and money

* Create win-win outcomes
A man with a warm heart and a wealth of experience
     I am a California-licensed holistic lawyer and Spiritual Life Coach with nearly 20 years experience. I offer spiritually-based coaching, representation, and negotiation services to Light-minded people throughout the United States.

     Go to right now and request your free powerful E-Guide: "Invoke Spirit, Peace, and Transformation in Your Legal Process." In this Guide you will experience a powerful process which will help you go within, view any situation from a broader perspective, reach emotional balance, and begin to chart a path toward resolution from a place of peace and strength.

Speak with me for 15 minutes at no cost
     I always provide some valuable guidance in these introductory  sessions, and you'll be able to personally experience my approach and energy. 

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     One person said this was the most beautiful webpage she had seen.  My clients enjoy this very peaceful and relaxing page - some come to it when they are stressed, to calm and gain a new perspective:

Asian Enlightenment


     "I am very grateful to Duane Light for his extraordinary approach to law. He walks his talk in bridging spirit and law. My experience with him has shown him to be authentic about getting to the core of an issue beyond just the legal aspect into the psycho-spiritual issues that never fail to accompany any legal entanglements."

Barbara Horst


      "Thank you for taking the time to listen so fully yesterday. At times, it has been difficult for me to maintain a balanced, loving stance in this situation rather than attempting to make things "right". I feel a sense of peace to know that you are involved."

Gloria Waterhouse


      "Duane is an amazing attorney, he is well versed in the areas of meditation, consciousness and healing. He uses his knowledge and talents in these areas in a holistic approach to law and creates agreements from a place that resonates in the heart. Duane is also very intuitive and brings this gift to the counsel of his clients. He has been very valuable in the decision making process of establishing my non-profit organization. Thank you, Duane. Namaste."

Mark Naseck


      "I talked to 15 attorneys, and you were the first one where I said, 'Oh, he's conscious!'"

Mary St. Marie


      "I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy working with you, as you don't seem to be the typical uncaring type of attorney I've experienced in the past! You have a good heart!"

Kim Evans


     Thank you for taking the time to see what I have to offer.  If you visit my website within the next 24 hours and request my free E-Guide, you'll also receive a special surprise bonus gift.

     I'm looking forward to hearing from you, and may we all open to more Light and more Love, in all aspects of our lives.



Duane Light, JD
Founder, Light On The Law
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